Humacyte, Inc

Shannon L. M. Dahl, Ph.D.


Dr. Dahl’s leadership experience has spanned technology, product, corporate, and commercial development. She leverages a forward-thinking approach, strong communication skills, and an interest in stakeholder input to define the strategy in emerging biotechnology therapeutics. These strategies focus on bringing complex medical technologies from early research to clinical trials, commercialization, and revenue. Dr. Dahl also focuses on creating and maintaining value around the technology and product brand, and communicating this value in a way that peer professionals and the lay press can understand.

In 2011, the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards named Dr. Dahl a Brilliant Innovator, together with colleagues Laura Niklason and Juliana Blum. Dr. Dahl received a PhD in biomedical engineering from Duke University, and an SB in materials science & engineering from MIT with a focus on biomaterials and medical devices. She has held an adjunct faculty position in surgical research at Duke, and previously performed research in orthopedic surgery at Harvard Medical School.